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The Power of Wattpad

By r brassington, Oct 14 2015 12:29PM

A few years ago, a friend told me about a story-sharing website called www.wattpad.com, an online community where you could post anything from short stories and poems to full-length novels. I gave it a go, uploading a few chapters of a draft of The Good Kind of Bad. People commented and voted and asked me to post more chapters, and before long, the whole book was up, and Wattpad featured the story. At one point I was getting 30,000 reads a day, and before I took that version down from the site, I had about 1.5 million reads on the story. It was through the people who commented and reviewed and voted on the site that I was given valuable insight into how to redraft the story. Other writers from the site have also gone on to do great things (www.nataliekmartin.com and www.carolinebatten.co.uk).

Thought I’d stick with the theme from the last post and go with an infographic that truly represents the reach of Wattpad, with my book being read in nearly every country in the world. I just hope come November, the sales go global too. Thank you, Wattpad.

Wattpad Stats
Wattpad Stats
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