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Sweet Home Chicago...

By r brassington, Oct 7 2015 12:36PM

I’m hoping you’re on this blog because you’ve heard I’ve got a book coming out, not because the website header mentions cake and cats (though I have blogged about those too).

For those who don’t know, my book is set in Chicago, a place I’ve been to twice and love (and would live if I had the chance). It was also while sitting at St.Louis airport in 2004, visiting friends I’d made while studying, that I was looking up at the arrivals and departure boards, saw a flight listed to Chicago and wondered ‘what would it be like if you left your whole life behind and started again?’ This is where I came up with the idea for The Good Kind of Bad, where a girl abandons her (very) normal life and fiancé behind and begins again somewhere else, and with someone else.

There are so many books/films/everything set in New York, but not so many in Chicago, and although at the time I’d never been, it felt like the perfect place to set the story. So, for those of you who’ve not visited, or don’t know too much about the windy city, I’ve included a little infographic. Enjoy.

The Good Kind of Bad is out on 28th November 2015 at amazon.com

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