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Stick it in a box marked done...

By r brassington, Sep 17 2015 08:55AM

I now have a website, a cover, a twitter account, a fiance who never wants to hear the word ‘book’ again, and a release date! Yes, The Good Kind of Bad is coming on the 28th November 2015. I will be celebrating with a release party (which you’re all invited to) with the venue TBC. If it feels like it’s taken me ten years to finish and release the book, it’s because it has. I wrote The Good Kind of Bad in 9 months across 2005/2006, back in a world without iPhones (and apparently without laptops seeing as I wrote it BY HAND). Of course, I left it for years, dabbled with sending it to a few agents here and there, and me being a perfectionist had something to do with never letting it go, but as the release date nears (and the panic rash begins to rise up my throat) I can only be happy that I made it this far. I could’ve left the manuscript languishing on my hard drive (I pushed the boat out and bought a laptop after I'd finished it) but I knew I had a story that I hoped other people would like, and one day buy (at Amazon on eBook and paperback, hint, hint).

The point is, if there’s something you’re procrastinating about, do it. Don’t find yourself ten years down the line wishing you’d made that leap or taken that chance. Even if it is ten years down the line, it doesn't matter, as long as you keep pushing for your goal. It may be scary, you may want to channel George McFly once in a while (I just don’t think I can take that kind of rejection!), but you never know, you might have the next A Match Made in Space just dying to be read…

next time, the cover reveal

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