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My first reviews...

By r brassington, Dec 8 2015 09:34PM

So, The Good Kind of Bad has been out for over a week now, and I can't thank the people who bought a copy (and promoted it) enough. After the hype, only one thing matters to me now - people enjoying and liking the story. The main way to get that feedback is from Amazon reviews, and I'm lucky to say that my first review, ever, was one with five shiny stars next to it. The next review too. In fact, over Amazon UK and US together, I have 6 five star and 6 four star reviews. The story has spent so long inside my head and on a computer screen that I almost forgot people were going to read it. But they are, and not only that, they're enjoying it, too.

I saw a picture tweeted this week by an author on the Sunday Times Best Seller List, declaring dreams can come true, she'd made it. It's a nice dream to have, but I'm happy that something I wrote meant someone else thought it was worthy of the highest of praise - someone I've never met. It can be even more nerve-wracking when people you do know start to give you their feedback. Thankfully, it's only been praise so far. So what made my week? Being told by a friend: 'I love a book I can't put down but don't want to finish it 'cause it's so good and want to carry on reading it!'

That'll do me.

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