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If you liked The Girl on the Train...

By r brassington, Feb 3 2016 08:19AM

I’m all for people finding books that interest them. They read a best-seller and they need another one, not identical, but in the same vein, to satisfy their book hangover. The Girl on the Train was the book of the year for 2015, so much so, they’re already filming the movie. I get it. It was a good book. People want to be associated with a good book. But The Girl on the Train became popular because people liked the story (and of course some marketing). Ultimately, it must’ve been word of mouth that got it a place on the silver screen. I have lost count of the amount of books I’ve seen with little stickers adorning the front. claiming it’s the new GOTT or Gone Girl. ‘If you liked The Girl on the Train…’ etc. etc.

I more than understand why it’s used by marketing peeps. It’s almost a sure-fire way to get the books flying off the shelves. It’s a saturated market and I know myself how hard it is to launch your self and novel and hope someone finds you within the millions of inches of type. If your book is like a best-seller, then surely, you’re next on the list.

Every writer would love to emulate the success of Paula Hawkins. She’s a good writer. On the other hand, maybe it’s nice to get that recognition on your own, without riding the coat tails of whatever happens to be flavour of the year.

Will I tag this blog entry on twitter with #thegirlonthetrain?


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