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If the next guy that gets on the bus is fat, I'm going to the gym...ok, not that guy, the next guy

By r brassington, Aug 27 2015 06:00PM

I always mean well. I try to avoid bread, stick to whole wheat pasta and make fruit my friend. And then? Someone has a birthday. There’s cake and biscuits lurking within eye shot, scuppering my diet. There they lie, cocooned in pretty plastic, crammed with additives that will make me bloated and tired. But I can’t help myself. Cake tastes good, no matter what health advice and scare tactics are plastered all over the press. I mean, it’s hardly a blanket approach. One minute it’s cut out carbs, the next, the whole country is tuning into an amateur cake baking contest. That the Great British Bake Off is one of the highest-rating programmes on telly is not a surprise. To me, anyway.

It’s not my lack of restraint, of course it's not. It’s the availability. These birthday people are my dealers, pushing their wares and daring me to try it. It’s only cake. It won’t bite. But this year, I have tried something new. I went six weeks without cake, chocolate, sweets, biscuits, alcohol…in fact, I started adding forbidden naughties to my list as I went along. Whether this was because I felt I was betraying my efforts if I so much as smelled a Krispy Kreme doughnut (all you have to do is smell – the calories float in up your nose). The result? I lost about nine pounds. Mainly, my motivation was someone telling me I couldn’t do it (note: always a good way to drive me) but I did realise how good I felt. Really. I had more energy. I slept better at night. It was what people had been trying to tell me for years, even though that sugar hit had always left me lingering at the bottom of a 4pm dip in insulin.

I haven’t put the weight back on, but I’ve also relinquished the detox and gone back to sugar fixes, but on my terms, not cake’s. All this was brought home to me last weekend when I met up with the uni girls (now surrounded by children), of which one lovely lady, Lisa Brierley, is the founder of Naturally Knutsford, a health and lifestyle website www.naturallyknutsford.com, blog and owner of a pretty instagram account @naturallyknutsford.

If anything will make you want to go out and cram your trolley full of goodness, that will. Snacks at her house consisted of banana, pear, grapes and apple slices, and bloody lovely they were too.

So, the moral of the story? I don’t want to be sitting in my nursing home at ninety and wishing I’d had that piece of black forest gateau, but I also want to get to ninety.

Cake will always be there. Go ahead and eat it, but make sure you follow up with that shot of wheatgrass.

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