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Book Review: How to be Brave by Louise Beech

By r brassington, Mar 26 2016 02:29PM

This work of literary fiction by Louise Beech was not a rushed read. I am one of the slowest readers I know but this book definitely needed time to be fully digested. It's two tales, intertwined through time and heartbreak of the dramatic and life-changing kind. Natalie's daughter, nine-year-old Rose has been diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes, and to deal with the daily blood tests, she agrees to read Rose parts from her grandad Colin's diary, a sailor who was stranded at sea in the Second World War.

What follows is a cleverly constructed tale of how to be brave when the unexpected suddenly becomes your life, and how sometimes time is not the great barrier it's perceived to be. It's a stirring and well-written tale, transporting you from the ocean to the heart of the family, and explores how difficult and strained the relationship between mother and daughter can sometimes be.

A thought-provoking and clever novel that deserves time to fully digest the story.

Four stars.

You can buy the book at Amazon now.

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