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A Cat Named Sprout

By r brassington, Jul 14 2015 01:57PM

So, I have a cat called Sprout. She came with the name, seeing as she was abandoned in a carrier bag on an allotment when she was seven weeks old. I thought she might come with some stroppy behavioural cat issues, but she’s turned out to be a normal cat. Weird, but normal. A lot of my writing time is spent with Sprout trying to lie on the keyboard, which started pretty much the day I got her from the rescue centre, though the surprising thing is I used to hate cats. Maybe not hate, but I was scared of them at least. They really didn't like me. They used to scratch and hiss - I was only seven so could be forgiven, but I got over it and now I have a cat. I have two, but Bowie is old (well, he thinks he's old, he's only nine). He wears that kind of deadpan look, like ‘don’t come near me unless you have treats or only the best premium cat food brand.’

I don’t know if other cats are as weird, but here are some of Sprout's little quirks:

- She drinks water out of my glass, like sticks her head right in so it almost gets stuck. If I do my Insanity workout, I have to put the glass in a cupboard

- She finds my hair bobbles and puts them in her water bowl. Also little bottle lids/anything else she can find

- She cries at the top of the stairs in the middle of the night until you get up and play with her

- She is the tiniest full grown cat ever, and she brings birds/voles/mice/frogs into the house. We’ve rescued most of them in our standby shoe box

- She wears jumpers. Well, I put jumpers on her

- She bites my toes until I get out of bed and let her out in the morning

There’s probably more, but I’ll just post some photographic evidence of her cuteness instead. She sounds like a nightmare, I know, but I love her. Best £40 ever spent.


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